Challenge the Field Mission

It is a battle event that suddenly occur.
The occurrence will be noticed on the bottom of the chat log.

-About Participation

Field Mission is started by moving to the occurrence point and entering the battle area.

*If your level is over the recommended Lv, you need to lower your Lv (Linkage) when entering the area.
If you don't lower your level, you cannot participate in the Field Mission.

-About Rewards

Rewards change according to your action within the battle area, until the end of Field Mission.

Your level goes up by gaining certain amount.

Necessary to buy items from Merchant NPC, etc.

Equipment Items
You can obtain each type of equipment items.

-How to receive reward

1. Tap on [Menu] on upper-right of the screen.

2. Tap on [Treasure Box] on left of the screen.

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