Upgrade Equipment

You will have advantages in combats by upgrading your equipment.

Upgraded weapon will deal more damage to enemies, and upgraded armor will decrease suffered damage.
*Accessories can be upgraded as well.

-Upgrade Preparation

You need "Upgrade Item" and "Upgrade Target Item".

"Upgrade Item"
There are several types such as "Weapon Upgrade Stone", "Armor Upgrade Stone", and "Accessory Upgrade Stone".

"Upgrade Target Item"
Equipment you are using. There are "Weapon", "Armor", and "Accessory".

To obtain "Upgrade Item", you can use Login Bonus or Market.

-How to Upgrade

1. Tap on [Menu] on upper-right of the screen.

2. Tap on [Item].

3. Tap on "Upgrade Item", then "Upgrade Target Item".

4. Tap OK.

5. Tap OK.

6. The equipment will be upgraded. Check the change in the parameter.

-About Upgrade Method

Base Parameter Upgrade
Use "Upgrade Stone" to raise the base ability of equipment.

*You may "fail upgrade" depending on the upgrade level.
*When you "fail upgrade", the equipment ability may become lower than prior to upgrade attempt.

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