Don't get lost in Quest

Depending on the quest, you may need to complete multiple procedure to finish.

Quest Enemy Marker
Progress Quest by defeating certain amount of target enemy.

-Examples of Quest Progress

For the Quest of defeating enemy, the Quest Enemy Marker will be displayed on the target enemy or on the map.

-Quest Navi/Progress/Info

If you lose track of your Quest progress, check the Quest Navi, Progress, or Info.

-Quest Navi

1. Tap on [Menu] on upper-right of the screen.

2. Tips to the ongoing Quest will be displayed.

-Quest Progress

1. Tap on [Menu] on upper-right of the screen.

2. Tap on [Quest].

3. The progress of the Quest will be displayed. Tap on [Info].

4. The more detailed tips will be displayed.

If you are not sure how to progress the Quest, keep your eyes on "Quest Enemy Marker", "Quest Navi", "Progress", and "Info".

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