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Beta Test has begun!

Hello everyone, this is an announcement from the Aurcus Online Team.
We will start the Beta Test from today!
*The Beta Test is only for the Android version.

From 5/30/2016 2:00 (UTC) to 6/3/2016 6:00 (UTC)
From 5/30/2016 10:00 (TST) to 6/3/2016 14:00 (TST)

There are limitations for the Beta Test version, as listed below:
- Lv Cap: 30
- Area Limit: Up to Vogelburg
- In-app purchase and Shop functions are not available.
*Purchase of revive items, etc. are not available.
- Account, Character, and Item Data are planned to be carried over to the official release.

*The Test period may be changed without notice if unexpected issue is found.

This app is the English/Traditional Chinese version.
The language is automatically chosen depending on the language setting of your device, upon the initial boot up of Aurcus Online app.
*If your device language setting is set to "Traditional Chinese", then Traditional Chinese is chosen. English will be chosen for any other languages.

Once the language is chosen, it cannot be changed. Please check the language setting of your device before downloading the app.

Control Manual:


We hope you enjoy Aurcus Online!

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