Freedom to combats! Full-scale action adventure RPG.

Thousand Nights Lotto Newly Released!

Take a look at the newly released Avatar!

- Al Shahri / Al Sahr

- Laylah Shahri / Laylah Sahr

- Bahr Shahri / Bahr Sahr

- Carpet

- Weapon Avatar

Thousand Night Sword (Samurai Weapon Avatar)
Lamp of Djinn (Samurai Sub Weapon Avatar)
Thousand Night Moon Staff (Magician Type Weapon Avatar)
Story of the Thousand Nights (Magician Type Sub Weapon Avatar)

- Expansion Avatar

Dhi Maidgram : Magical circle that is said to be taught by a wizard who came from a country where the sun goes down
Sword dance of the thousand nights : A sword filled with myriads of fantasies, dancing around though many nights

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