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Puppet Mansion Lotto Newly Released!

Take a look at the newly released Avatar!

Release Sale:3/29/2019 1:00 to 4/1/2019 0:59 (GMT)
Draw x11:3,000 Coins → 2,500 Coins
Purchase the following Lotto with "Draw x11", and you can get at least 1 S Prize!

- Mad Dorothy / Mad Orgo

- Holy Dorothy / Holy Orgo

- Bless Dorothy / Bless Orgo

- Mare Scissors (Shinobi Only Weapon Avatar)
Given from the creator, the only remaining pair of the favorite scissors

- Lost Mare Book (Magician Type Sub Weapon Avatar)
Ancient book that is said to be written about he significance of existence itself

- Finger Knives (Expansion Avatar)
A hand-made knife prepared to cut through obstacles

- Screw Down (Expansion Avatar)
It is said, that by winding it up a winding screw, it is possible to make activities instead of taking a meal

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