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EX Job Avatar Lotto

EX Job Avatar Lotto will be on sale for discount price, limited to 3 days!
Discount Period:10/17/2021 3:00 to 10/20/2021 2:59 (GMT)

Draw x11:3,000 Coins → 2,000 Coins
Purchase the following Lotto with "Draw x11", and you can get at least 1 "Weapon Avatar"!

- Samurai

- Samurai Weapon Avatar
Katana passed on in the Izumo area as a Wazamono (sharp sword).

- Samurai Expansion Avatar
Pair of Katana with emblem to receive the blessing of three-legged crow (Yatagarasu).

- Shinobi

- Shinobi Weapon Avatar
egendary Katana passed on among the Shinobi clan, said to be the realization of the power of Martial God.

- Shinobi Expansion Avatar
Scroll of ninjutsu made by Shinobi Heroes "Three Blades".

- Guardian

- Guardian Weapon Avatar
Two-hand spear made by applying the dragon-slaying technique.
Dragonic Sphere that shines like glaring dragon eyes.

- Guardian Expansion Avatar
Booster parts that resembles the symbol of Griffin.

- Mana Slinger

- Mana Slinger Weapon Avatar
Magical cannon that is said to have changed its appearance by the technology of Aurori.
Mana barrel said to make it possible to charge energy into any magical cannon.

- Mana Slinger Expansion Avatar
Combat supporting parts made from alchemy and science technology, only can be used by specialists.

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