Freedom to combats! Full-scale action adventure RPG.

Night Stalker Lotto

Night Stalker Lotto will be on sale for discount price, limited to 30 days!
Sale Period:10/2/2018 1:00 to 11/2/2018 0:59 (GMT)

Draw x11:3,000 Coins → 1,800 Coins
Purchase the following Lotto with "Draw x11", and you can get at least 1 "Expansion Avatar"!

- Moon Lamp (Expansion Avatar)
A mysterious colored lantern that illuminates from various light being poured into a moon shaped container.

- Reapon / O’lantern (Expansion Avatar)
Reaper’s child that takes and reaps on human’s biggest despair and regret.
A ghostly pumpkin that carelessly walks with a warm soul as the source of power.

- Eco Wear Wolf / Eco Banshee Cat

- Noise Wear Wolf / Noise Banshee Cat

- March Wear Wolf / March Banshee Cat

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