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Color Lotto -Blue- on sale

From today, in limited period, "Color Lotto -Blue-" will be on sale.
For today, the intelligent and cool imaged blue Avatars have been gathered! All Avatars in this Lotto are all blue colored!
Within the stylish and rigorous Avatars, that unique Avatar (?) is also lined up!
Color Lotto -Blue- is available in "Avatar Lotto" at the "Shop".

Sales Period:6/15/2022 3:00 to 6/18 2:59 (GMT)
Draw x11:3,000 Coins → 777 Coins
Purchase the following Lotto with "Draw x11", and you can get at least 1 S Prize!

- Blue Chevalier

- Blue Pirates

- Aqua Ciel

- Blue Killer Bear

- Blue Crusade

- Blue Papillon

- Blue Butler, Blue Maid

- Gender Reverse Blue Butler, Blue Maid

- Blue Adel

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