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EX Job Change Items

EX Job Change Items
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Discount Period:3/16/2023 3:00 to 3/18/2023 2:59 (GMT)

Samurai Changer Mirror:700 Coins → 400 Coins
Shinobi Changer Mirror:700 Coins → 400 Coins
Guardian Changer Mirror:700 Coins → 400 Coins
Mana Slinger Changer Mirror:700 Coins → 400 Coins

- Samurai
A warrior who uses a sword (katana) made in the smithmaking method of Izumo and it's designated battou-jutsu technique to fight.

- Shinobi
An assassin who uses a set of twin swords and taijutsu, focusing on quick close-proximity attacks that utilize hidden instruments or ninjutsu to bring down their opponents.

- Guardian
Fight using the technique of the "Two Hand Spear", to penetrate the stubborn scales of dragons, and treasure tool "Dragon Kekkai Orb", which is only gifted to the chosen.

- Mana Slinger
Carry a "Mana Cannon", a completely new weapon forged with Shietor-original engineering and based on the excavated "Remains of the Orgian Civilization" in the desert of Idris, and fight unabashedly with the "Mana Cannon Technique".

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