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EX Job Change Items

EX Job Change Items
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Discount Period:7/18/2019 3:00 to 7/21/2019 2:59 (GMT)

Samurai Changer Mirror:700 Coins → 400 Coins
Shinobi Changer Mirror:700 Coins → 400 Coins
Guardian Changer Mirror:700 Coins → 400 Coins
Mana Slinger Changer Mirror:700 Coins → 400 Coins

- Samurai
A warrior who uses a sword (katana) made in the smithmaking method of Izumo and it's designated battou-jutsu technique to fight.

- Shinobi
An assassin who uses a set of twin swords and taijutsu, focusing on quick close-proximity attacks that utilize hidden instruments or ninjutsu to bring down their opponents.

- Guardian
Fight using the technique of the "Two Hand Spear", to penetrate the stubborn scales of dragons, and treasure tool "Dragon Kekkai Orb", which is only gifted to the chosen.

- Mana Slinger
Carry a "Mana Cannon", a completely new weapon forged with Shietor-original engineering and based on the excavated "Remains of the Orgian Civilization" in the desert of Idris, and fight unabashedly with the "Mana Cannon Technique".

Additionally EX Job related items are selling well!

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