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God Lord Weapon Lotto

Super powerful Main Weapon such as Lv80[★5] available!
Many Main Weapons with super powerful parameter are lined up!

Discount Period:10/18/2017 6:00 to 10/21/2017 5:59 (GMT)
Draw x1:500 Coins → 450 Coins
Draw x11:5,000 Coins → 3,900 Coins

Some of the examples picked up from the lineup!

Lv80[★5]Trad of Corrosion

STR+10, Consumed MP-3%

Hammer made from defeated strong monster.
Great power remains in it, and it fights evil with evil, but the user of this is slowly gnawed.

Lv80[★5]Trad of Exorcist

INT+10, Consumed MP-3%

It was an instrument passed along in a church, but after it was found that the user is filled with power and the sound repels evil, it was used as exorcism tool.

Lv80[★5]Trad of Revenge

STR+10, Consumed MP-3%

It was originally an ordinary sword, but with massacre of madness from the owner's revenge against monsters, the sword has changed its shape eating the monsters' mana.

Lv80[★5]Trad of Leo

STR+10, Consumed MP-3%

Long time ago, an enormous war was repeated, and there was a man who was feared.
He was called the mightiest, and preferred to use the axe with an animal called the king designed on.

Lv80[★5]Trad of Element

INT+10, Consumed MP-3%

Legendary wand said to be expressing all things in this world.
If used by renowned sage, it will generate storm, eruption, and flood by just a swing.

Lv80[★5]Trad of Magic

INT+10, Consumed MP-3%

Uses evil crystal that has solidified from monsters defeated around the world.
It is capable of handling powerful mana, but it may go out of control any time.

Lv80[★5]Trad of Machine

DEX+10, Consumed MP-3%

The latest bow implementing Idris' mechanical technology.
The machine supports the user, exerting the maximum power with little strength.

Lv80[★5]Trad of Sylph

DEX+10, Consumed MP-3%

Bow created in the motif of wind god worshiped somewhere in the world.
It is said that the arrow released from this bow is loved and blessed by the wind god.

Lv80[★5]Trad of Dragon

STR+10, Consumed MP-3%

A legendary sword master fought the dragon called the calamity and defeated it.
The katana made from the body of the dragon holds scorching heat that would even swallow its user.

Lv80[★5]Trad of Assassin

INT+10, Consumed MP-3%

It was originally a health equipment that can be used in various ways by attaching and removing.
As a result of repeated remodeling by the head of a school, it has become the perfect assassination tool that victimize many.

Lv80[★5]Trad of Curse

STR+10, Consumed MP-3%

In the documents of any age or any area, this spear's existence is felt behind assassination of nobleman.

Lv80[★5]Trad of Fireworks

INT+10, Consumed MP-3%

Giant cannon passed along in the eastern country as ritual tool.
In a happy event for the time's authority, this is used for salute fire.

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