Freedom to combats! Full-scale action adventure RPG.

God Lord Accessory Lotto

Super powerful Accessory such as Lv75[★5] available!
Many Main Accessory with super powerful parameter are lined up!

Discount Period:8/20/2017 1:00 to 8/23/2017 0:59 (GMT)
Draw x1:500 Coins → 450 Coins
Draw x11:5,000 Coins → 3,900 Coins

Some of the examples picked up from the lineup!

Lv75[★5]Fallen Necklace

[MAX] ATK:111~161
[MAX] MATK:111~161
INT+50, DEX+50
DEF+500, MDEF+500

Lv75[★5]Resurrection Ring

[MAX] ATK:99~136
[MAX] MATK:99~136
HP+800, MP+300
HPR+150, MPR+60

Lv75[★5]Dark Wind Earrings R

[MAX] DEF:175
[MAX] MDEF:175
STR+40, INT+40, MP+300

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