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[Important] Regarding handling of fraudulent activities

Thank you for playing "Aurcus Online".

In Aurcus Online, if any fraudulent activity that violates Terms of Use and Penalties Policy is confirmed, we apply penalties such as termination of service or suspension of the account to the subject accounts.

As we will be applying strict penalties based on the Terms of Use in the event the fraudulent activities are confirmed, so we kindly ask you not to get involved in the activities that violate the Terms of Use. Please see below for details.

Read Terms of Use Here

Read Penalties Policy Here

Examples of fraudulent activity
- Gameplay using fraudulent external tools
- Joining a party using fraudulent external tools

Please do not join if you find such party.
If a player that use fraudulent external tool has joined your party, please leave the party or expel the player immediately.
The character who has received excessive items from the character that was confirmed to be involved in the activities below will be applied the penalty of service termination.

We will continue to work on these issues to provide safe and fun game play to all of the players.
We kindly ask for your continued support of "Aurcus Online".

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