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Monthly Course Purchase Campaign

Thank you for playing Aurcus Online.
To make Aurcus Online even more fun and enjoyable, we will offer the "Monthly Course Purchase Campaign".
Period:1/14/2019 3:00 - 1/21/2019 2:59 (GMT)

During the campaign period, the monthly course ticket and the coins will be set. However the price will be same, so it is a bargain!

Platinum Ticket (Allows you to trade ★4 and higher rank items in the Market, or with other players) +600 Coins

Gold Ticket (EXP 10% UP, Expands bag slots to 48) +600 Coins
Silver Ticket (EXP 7% UP, Expands bag slots to 36) +500 Coins
Bronze Ticket (EXP 5% UP, Expands bag slots to 24) +400 Coins
*You will get a Max 2,100 Coins if you purchase all 4 tickets above.

- Regarding the distribution and receiving the Coins
Coins will be distributed the next business day after the purchase of each course.
Players that purchase each ticket from 1/18-20 will be given Coins on 1/21.
Coins will automatically be added when you login.

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