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Update Information! Guild Mission Part 6!

Thank you for playing Aurcus Online.
We are planning for a major update around mid-February, 2018.

■Guild Mission Part 6
The guild mission this time will be on the first ever Japanese styled field.
The boss will of course be powerful and will carry out various attacks.
Understanding the attack patterns and being able to correctly deal with the attacks will be the shortcut to conquering it!

Similarly to the previous guild missions, you will be able to challenge with a max. of 50 players.
Also, you will only be able obtain the reward 15 times in a week as there is a limit.
*We have changed the guild mission part 5 reward limitation to no limit.

Clear Rewards will be exclusive production material. By collecting this production material, you will be able to exchange them for rewards such as furniture and Avatars!

■Production Reward
Valuable materials that you can only obtain during this guild mission.
Please try obtaining them!



■Other, Modification
・Fixed the motion of the seaweed in the Mission "Mitera Alter"
・Screen rotation speed adjustment when using the skill "Whelm Buster"
・Fixed the display of the correct level for the mission that needed status correction
・Changed the binding effect from the "Chain Bind" and the freeze effect from the "Master: Sekka" for the boss in the mission "Large Ring Tower"
・Changed the shorten CT effect from the item such as "Hexerei Tower Key -Darkness Alter-" so that it cannot be carried over to the ordinary field
・Changed some items such as "[★4]Furniture[Chair]Ticket" from non-exchangeable to exchangable
・Changed the display of the wording "Auction Fee" to "Exhibit Fee" when paying before exhibiting at the market
・Fixed an occurrence where the appearance of the effect that is displayed from the skill when hitting the boss in the mission "Large Ring Tower" was different between devices
・Fixed an occurrence where there was no indication of hitting the boss in the mission "Haya Dynasty Mausoleum", "Large Ring Tower", and "Mitera Alter"
・Fixed an occurrence where the action of the boss when landing was unnatural in the mission "Dragon Fang"
・Fixed the movement of the dialog displayed when pressing the back button when returning from the guild mission field to the lobby
・Fixed an occurrence where the quest that should be able to be accepted repeatedly cannot be progressed if it reaches a specific number of clears
・Fixed an occurrence where the performance for the quest clear and the level up overlapped
・Fixed an occurrence where some missions could not be linked due to specific conditions
・Fixed an occurrence where the field mission could not be cleared if you conducted a specific action with a Samurai
・Adjusted the area where some of the large monsters disappear
・New Face Type added
・Fixed an occurrence where the flame radiation attack could not be seen from the boss in the mission "Headway Fort Mime-Mime"
・Fixed an issue where the display of the performance when leveling up the ability for Lv1 EXP 0
・Fixed an occurrence where you were not able to move with certain devices.

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