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God Lord Accessory Lotto Lv95

Super powerful Accessory such as Lv95[★5] available!
Total of 54 new accessories added!
Many Main Accessory with super powerful parameter are lined up!
Please check the Lotto lineup for the detailed parameters for each of the accessories!

Discount Period:10/19/2018 6:00 to 10/22/2018 5:59 (GMT)
Draw x11:5,000 Coins → 3,900 Coins

Some of the examples picked up from the lineup!

- Lv95[★5] Nightlight Necklace R

[MAX] ATK:143~206
[MAX] MATK:143~206
STR+80、VIT+80、INT+80、MEN+80、DEX+80、Consumed MP-15%、Skill CT-15%、CRI Rate+15%

- Lv95[★5] Nightlight Ring R

[MAX] ATK:127~174
[MAX] MATK:127~174
STR+50、VIT+50、INT+50、MEN+50、DEX+50、Consumed MP-7%、CRI Rate+7%

- Lv95[★5] Nightlight Earrings R

[MAX] DEF:223
[MAX] MDEF:223
STR+50、VIT+50、INT+50、MEN+50、DEX+50、Consumed MP-7%、CRI Rate+7%

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