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Update Info! 3.Small-Scaled Guild Mission Implemented

Thank you for playing Aurcus Online.
We have implemented a major update on May,17 2018.

- Level Cap 100 Released
- Addition and Adjustments of Skills
- Small-Scaled Guild Mission Implemented
- Field Treasure Box Hunt Implemented
- Change of the Server Specifications

■ Small-Scaled Guild Mission Battle Added
We have added 3 "Small-Scaled Guild Mission Battle" that can be participated with a maximum of 20 players.
*The guild mission implemented up until now with a maximum of 50 players will be categorized as "Large-Scaled Guild Mission Battle".

・Underground Ruins Treasure Chest (Recommended Lv50)

・Beast Dragon Arena (Recommended Lv70)

・Fake King’s Palace (Recommended Lv90)

The receivable weekly rewards are limited to 5 times.
Similar to the Large Scaled Battle, participation in an Union is possible, however the Union clear times will not be reflected in the rankings.

The Small-Scaled Battle mission clear reward is an "Upgrade Box" or a "Guild Investigation Collectibles".
By collecting "Guild Investigation Collectibles" and bringing it to the Guild Manager NPC for "Discovery Item Processing", you will be able to exchange it for an "Upgrade Booster".

Also, by clearing the Small-Scaled Guild Mission Battle you will be able to get 30GP.
*The number of times GP can be received is not applicable to the receivable weekly reward.

Similar to the Large-Scaled Battle, clear achievements for the Small-Scaled Battle added.

■ Specification Change for the Guild Mission
~ With the categorization of the large and small scaled battle, we have placed a category button within the rankings of "L Battle" and "S Battle" for room creation, room filter, and the number of receivable weekly reward.
~ Changed the number of receivable weekly reward per account instead of per character.
~ Changed the number of receivable weekly reward of the Large-Scaled Battle "Preaching of the Demolisher" to "30 times".
~ Changed the number of receivable weekly reward of the Large-Scaled Battle other than the "Preaching of the Demolisher" to "100 times".

■ Free Arena Battle Rule Added
You will be able to set the "Equipment Effect" on or off for the Free Arena Battle.
"Equipment Effect" refers to any abilities of the equipment except for Arena exclusive abilities.
*There are no rule selection for the "Equipment Effect" during Official Battle. Equipment Effect available only.

▼ Effects that are not applied for Equipment Effect when selecting "Off"
~ Upgrade Value
~ Lock Parameter
~ Random Parameter
~ Set Effect
~ Normal Ability (including named abilities)
*Arena exclusive ability effects will be applied regardless of the rule settings.

▼ Effects that are restricted for Equipment Effect when selecting "Off"
~ Rank ⇒ Will be considered ★1
~ Base Parameter ⇒ Fixed values will be considered according to the Max Lv of the room's "Possible Entrance Lv".

In the case of rule settings without "Equipment Effect", essentially the character skill level, Arena exclusive ability, and the player's control skills will largely affect the outcome.

Also, with this Arena exclusive "(A)LostArts Release" ability will be implemented and exchanged.
*(A)LostArts Release ⇒ Exchange to the Lost Arts Release is also possible.
You can exchange from the NPC "Traveling Blacksmith Apprentice Luciano" in Shietor.

■ Arena Specification Change
For Official Battle and Free Battle with rules of Equipment Effect, we have adjusted various sphere HP upwards for Sphere Match.
*Exclude the rule without Equipment Effect of Free Battle.

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