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Update Info! 4.Field Treasure Box Hunt Implemented

Thank you for playing Aurcus Online.
We have implemented a major update on May,17 2018.

- Level Cap 100 Released
- Addition and Adjustments of Skills
- Small-Scaled Guild Mission Implemented
- Field Treasure Box Hunt Implemented
- Change of the Server Specifications

■ Field Treasure Box Hunt
We have placed Treasure Boxes within the normal fields.
By the way, there are also transparent Treasure Boxes so please look carefully!
"Lucky Medal" can be obtained from the Treasure Box.
By collecting the "Lucky Medal" and bringing it to the NPC "Unhappy Man Felicidad" in Galleria Capital, you will be able to exchange it for items of the exchange list.

・Exchange Items
See through glasses: Lucky Medal x5
Nostrum of Spirit: Lucky Medal x5
Scroll of Revival: Lucky Medal x10
Book of +100% EXP: Lucky Medal x20
★4 Upgrade Stone: Lucky Medal x50

・Regarding Treasure Boxes
Treasure Boxes can be obtained per account, and treasure boxes once opened will not be displayed.
Each time a field increases in the future, treasure boxes will be placed in new fields.

■ Renewal of the Opening Main Quest
The story until you get to the Galleria Capital has been renewed, while the world view and movement methods are more easier to understand.

The place where you, the character lived, and how you got on the boat...
will also be slightly explained.

The UI when creating your character has also changed.
You will be able to check the explanation regarding jobs and the actions.

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