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Update Info! 5.Server Specification Change

Thank you for playing Aurcus Online.
We have implemented a major update on May,17 2018.

- Level Cap 100 Released
- Addition and Adjustments of Skills
- Small-Scaled Guild Mission Implemented
- Field Treasure Box Hunt Implemented
- Change of the Server Specifications

■ Server Specification Change
・Regarding Server Selection
We have removed server selection.
You will now only be able to log into the game by "Select Character" > "OK"

・Regarding Channels
We have increased the number of channels for some fields.
*Depending on the field the number of channels will vary.

・Regarding Field Mission
With the Server Specification change, we have made the appearance interval faster. (Approximately 3x faster than before the update)
*Field Mission will appear in every channel.

・Other Changes
If you are in different fields, you will no longer be able to trade, guild request, and friend request from the chat log.

・If you feel like the specific field is slow
By changing the settings below, it will alleviate the issue, so please try the following.

1.Change the Graphic Settings
"MENU" > "Settings" > reduce the following setting values within the "Display" tab
"Character display distance"
"Effect display distance"
"Maximum player display"

2.Change Channel Entrance Setting
"MENU" > "Settings" > change "CH. Choice" to "Not many people" within the "Game" tab

3.Change CH
"MENU" > "CH" and move to a different "Open" Channel

■ Advanced Upgrade Stone and Upgrade Stone
・Advanced Upgrade Stone
The item name of the Upgrade Stone obtained before the maintenance on 5/17/2018 will be renamed as "Advanced Upgrade Stone".
The other than the name change the effect will not be changed, so trade and market are also possible.
*The Upgrade Stone obtained before the maintenance on 5/17/2018, will automatically be changed to "Advanced Upgrade Stone" during the maintenance on 5/17.
*Various Upgrade Stone that are obtainable from the Upgrade Box will be renamed to the Advanced Upgrade Box and the contents will include Advanced Upgrade Stones.

・New "Upgrade Stone"
Different from the above, a new "Upgrade Stone" will be implemented.
The item cannot be traded or exchanged on the market, and it will be 10% less effective than the Advanced Upgrade Stone.

■ Abilities added to Accessories Implemented
Ability slots have been implemented for Accessories!
Abilities can now be added to Accessories.
Since ability slots are in an unreleased state, you will first need to release the ability slots.

By using the "Master’s Accessory Drill" or the "Blacksmith’s Accessory Drill" and succeeding, an ability slot will be released.
~ Master’s Accessory Drill: Success Rate 100%
~ Blacksmith’s Accessory Drill: Success Rate 20%
Blacksmith’s Accessory Drill can be obtained randomly from the "Smith's Drill Box".

*Regardless of an accessory, if you exchange equipment for another equipment as a material or if you are producing a different equipment, the parameters and abilities of the equipment that becomes materials will not be carried over.

■ Cost Limit for Each House Increased
For the Guild House/My House for each of the size, we have increased the Max. cost limit for the furniture that you can place to the following.
SS 170 > 400
S 690 > 900
M 1170 > 1400 (Guild House Only)
L 2000 > 2200 (Guild House Only)
With this, you will now be able to place more furniture than before.

■ Quest Guide Display
On the left side of the screen, actions needed to complete the Main Quest next will now be displayed.
From the settings, you can set the icon to display or not display.

■ Change to the Skills Acquired Screen
Multiple skills levels can be increased at once, and the skill level increase effects can now be seen just at a glance.

■ Change of the Item Drop Function
The Stat Ball that appears after defeating monsters will now be automatically acquired.
For other item drops, the icon and the animation have been changed.

■ Max. Amount of Rugia at the Market Increased
The Max. amount was 1,000,000,000 Rugias up until now, but up to 2,000,000,000 Rugias are now available to be exchanged.

■ Display of Win Rates of Lotto Prizes
We have set the the display percentages of each prize at the top of each Lotto lineup list.

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