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[Preview] Update Information! Advanced Release!

Thank you for playing Aurcus Online.
We will preview some of the informations from the next update!
As soon as the date for the update is decided, we will inform you in a separate announcement.

■ New Skills Added
1 active skills added to each of the Tertiary Jobs!

- Crusade Strike (Holy Knight)
After leap backwards and accumulating power, send out a powerful dashing attack.

- Holy Ray (High Priest)
Throw out countless flashing lights from the sky over a wide area ahead.

- Ignition (Vanguard)
After slashing forward, pierce the ground with a weapon to cause an explosion

- Enhance Blade (Braver)
Enhance the weapon with mana and ferociously slash forward

- Blizzard Gust (Sorcerer)
Thrust the wand with magic powers into the ground and generate a blizzard in an area

- Dark Thorns (Sage)
Throw magic bullets at the ground and attack with dark thorns in an area

- Single Action (Agent)
Shoot opponents with a weapon developed by Idris’new technology

- Sniping Eye (Sniper)
By focusing on a point with narrowing field of vision, obtain high attack performance

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