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Update Info! 2.EX Job "Awakening"

Thank you for playing Aurcus Online.
We have implemented a major update on November 21, 2018.

■ EX Job "Awakening"
"Tertiary Job" implemented into the basic jobs.
As for the EX Job, the equivalent to the "Tertiary Job" of the advanced jobs is the "Awakening".
If the Samurai, Shinobi, Guardian, and Mana Slinger meet a certain requirement, they will be awakened.

The following benefits will be gained by the awakening.
- New skills available to be acquired
- Release of the 4th skill slot
- "Support Equipment" available to be used by acquiring Mirage Mastery

1.Awakening Skills
By awakening, you will be able to acquire 1 attack type skill, 1 support type skill, and 6 different type of masteries.

▼Attack Skills (Active Skills) for all jobs
By continuously pressing the skill button and by releasing it at a specific timing, the skill effect will increasing for the following attack skills that have been added.
Great: Increase skill effect by 10%
Just: Increase skill effect by 30%

- Deadly: Zan (Samurai): Sharpen the mind and send out a powerful slashing attack

- Extinction (Shinobi): Violently swing around the ninja sword and cut up anything in the area

- Flapping (Guardian): Wind up while jumping and slam the ground vigorously

- Extreme Buster (Mana Slinger): Fire a high powered laser forward

▼Skills of the Jobs (Active Skill)
Skills that temporarily increase a specific status.

- Samurai's Knowledge (Samurai): Increase DEF of yourself and allies around you
- Shinobi's Self-Defense Technique (Shinobi): Increase MDEF of yourself and allies around you
- Dragon Killing Combat Maneuver (Guardian): Increase ATK of yourself and allies around you
- Wasteland’s Bodyguard (Mana Slinger): Increase MATK of yourself and allies around you

▼Common skill for all EX Jobs (Passive Skills)
Skill that you can obtain constant effect by acquiring.

- Light of Ruby: Obtain Finish Damage increase effect
- Light of Sapphire: Obtain Finish Received Damage decrease effect
- Light of Topaz: Obtain CRI Rate increase effect
- Light of Aquamarine: Obtain CRI Resist increase effect
- Light of Amethyst: Obtain Consumed MP decrease effect
- Mirage Mastery: Add a support equipment slot. Slot increase according to the skill level (Max 10)

2.Support Equipment Slot Release
By awakening, you will be able to acquire "Mirage Mastery".
By raising the skill level of this "Mirage Mastery", the support equipment slot will be released one by one.
※The effect of "Mirage Mastery" for basic jobs is the same.

Separate from the normal equipment slot, the support equipment slot is an additional slot where you can equip equipment for each job.
The equipment that you equip in the support equipment slot will be called the support equipment.
For the support equipment slot, 10% of the equipment’s ability will be in effect.
※The effect of the Base Parameter, Lock Parameter, Random Parameter, Set Effect, Abilities, etc. will all be increased by 10%.

By raising your skill level by 1, the support equipment that you can equip will increase by 1. The maximum skill level is 10. The following equipment can be equipped in order from skill level 1.

▼Mirage Mastery
Skill Lv1: Main Weapon
Skill Lv2: Sub Weapon
Skill Lv3: Head
Skill Lv4: Body
Skill Lv5: Leg
Skill Lv6: Necklace
Skill Lv7: Earrings 1
Skill Lv8: Earrings 2
Skill Lv9: Ring 1
Skill Lv10: Ring 2

3.Release of the 4th Skill Slot
By awakening, the 4th skill slot will be released.

4.How to Awaken
You will be able to awaken by completing the Job change quest, once you have met all the prerequisite conditions.

▼Prerequisite Conditions
- Character is Lv100 and higher.
- Have progressed through the main quest "Guidance of the White Book 1".

▼Job Change Quest
1. Once you have met all the prerequisite conditions above, first accept and complete the quest "Blessings of the White Witch" from the NPC "Librarian Kroto" in Politeau-Terrous.
※If you have already completed the quest with the Tertiary Job, you do not need to accept the quest "Blessings of the White Witch" again.
2. Awaken by accepting the Job change quest "To the Unknown Force".

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