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Advanced Upgrade Stone Lotto

Introducing the "Advanced Upgrade Stone Lotto" which consists of only ★1~★7 Advanced Upgrade Stones!
Discount Period:3/13/2023 3:00 to 3/15/2023 2:59 (GMT)
Draw x11:3,000 Coins → 1,500 Coins

What is an Advanced Upgrade Stone?
It is a special upgrade material where you can obtain a fixed upgrade EXP for any equipment you use it on. The higher the ★, the more upgrade EXP you will obtain.
It is also tradeable and boasts a higher upgrade EXP than normal Upgrade Stones.

★7 Upgrade EXP+1550
★6 Upgrade EXP+700
★5 Upgrade EXP+300
★4 Upgrade EXP+200
★3 Upgrade EXP+100

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