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Discount Sales of Items
Discount Period:1/22/2023 3:00 to 1/24/2023 2:59 (GMT)

Character Slot : 800 Coins → 600 Coins
Adds 1 slot to the character slots to create characters on.
*Maximum is 13 total slots, including the default open slots.

Premium Storage Slot : 500 Coins → 300 Coins
Adds 105 slots to Premium Storage slots. Premium Storage can be used for storing items purchased with Coins/from Lotto, or to exchange items between characters in the same account.
*Maximum of 665 slots can be added.

Storage Slot : 300 Coins → 200 Coins
Adds 7 slots to Storage slots.
*Up to 385 slots, including the default open slots

Nostrum of Oblivion : 800 Coins → 600 Coins
Nostrum that forgets skills and gets skill points.

Nostrum of Rebirth : 200 Coins → 100 Coins
Resets status to initial value, and allows you to reallocate to any status

Nostrum of Development : 200 Coins → 100 Coins
Nostrum that raises status +5.

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