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Announcement regarding the required system requirements for Android

Thank you for playing Aurcus Online

We would like to inform you that during the app update scheduled on July 2022, the system requirement for playing Aurcus Online on the Android device will be changed to Android 4.4 or later.

▼Implementation Dates
Scheduled for July,27 2022(UTC+9)

・Current requirements: Android OS 4.1 or later (Including some devices that we do not support)
・Requirements after the change: Android OS 4.4 or later (Including some devices that we do not support)

*Please note that devices that do not meet the minimum requirements of Android4.4 will not be able to download or update the app. Therefore, we ask players to update the OS to meet the minimum requirements. Please also note that we will not be able to provide support to players playing using devices not meeting the system requirements of Android4.4 after the changes have been made.

*If you have any question or concerns regarding on how to check your OS or updating your OS, please contact your carrier or your device manufacturer for assistance.

[Please be careful if you are planning to changes devices]
To continue playing with your character and items, we recommend players to register to the Asobimo Account before changing devices.
Please check the following link for details.

Please note that the required system requirements may change in the future if necessary.

We apologize for the inconvenience but ask for your cooperation and understanding.
We hope to bring you a service that you can continue to enjoy, and request for your continued patronage.

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