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  • ▼About shortcuts
  • What can I register to shortcuts?
  • Consumable items and skills can be used from shortcuts from "SC".

    Up to 3 consumable items and 12 skills can be registered to shortcuts.
  • ▼Adding skills to shortcuts
  • How do I add skills to shortcuts?
  • You can add shortcuts from "Menu" > "Skill" > "SC".
    Tap the icon of the skill you wish to add from the lower right of the screen, then tap the "slot" shown on the left of the screen.
    Tap "OK" to complete the setup.

    If the skill slot is full, tap the skill you wish to add from the lower right of the screen, then tap the slot you wish to overwrite.
    Tap "OK" to complete the overwrite.

    Note that only "Active" type skills can be added in shortcuts. Type can be confirmed in the skill description shown on upper right when tapping on a skill.

    *"Passive" skills become effective by acquiring.
    *"Command" sills are triggered by certain controls or by pressing the action button under certain circumstances.
  • ▼About Scroll of Revival
  • How do I use Scroll of Revival?
  • Scroll of Revival can be used when your HP becomes 0 in "Mission", "Guild Mission", or "Field Mission".
  • ▼Turning off camera shake
  • I want to turn off shaking of the camera.
  • When "Shake Camera" is checked, there will be an effect of the game screen shaking on certain monster attacks.

    *The default setting is "ON".
    Please uncheck the option from "MENU" > "Settings" to turn off camera shake.
  • ▼When you feel that your attack or defense power has decreased.
  • My attack or defense power has shown sudden decrease. Why is this?
  • Check that if your equipment's durability has not decreased.

    If there is a body-shaped icon displayed on the left of the map shown on the bottom of the screen, it means there is decrease in durability of your equipment.
    The decrease is more significant in order of white -> yellow -> red, and lowers the attack power of defense power.

    "MW" stands for main weapon which includes swords, bows, hammers, and rods.
    "SW" stands for sub weapon which includes gauntlets, arrows, shields, and books.

    - Status not rising by obtaining Stat Ball.

    Please take a look at what kind of number is displayed when obtaining it.
    There are not only Stat Ball which raise your status, but those which recover your HP and MP.
  • ▼Arena status effect
  • How are the status handled in Arena?
  • In the arena, there are some limitations, being different from normal fields.

    -Character Status
    Will be revised to the room's maximum Lv's maximum status.

    No revision by grade of equipment.
    Avatars to make the equipment transparent will be ineffective.

    If the equipment is weaker compared to the Normal grade equipment which can be equipped on maximum Lv of the Room, the equipment performance will be revised to those Normal grade equipment mentioned above.
    If the equipment is stronger, there will be no revision.
    Also, only abilities for Arena will be in effect.
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