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  • ▼About changing jobs
  • How do I change jobs?
  • When you reach level 20, you will be able to accept quest "job change Exam" from "Apprentice Merchant Renata" who is in Galeria Capital.
    Talk to "Apprentice Merchant Renata" after clearing the quest to choose the job you wish to change to.

    Once you change your job, you will not be able to change again unless you use special item.
  • ▼Maximum amount of Rugia
  • How much Rugia can I carry? What happens if it exceeds the max?
  • The maximum Rugia you can carry is 2,000,000,000 Rugia. When you exceed the max? The amount that overflowed will be cut off. Please be careful.
  • ▼About commission charges in the Market
  • How does the commission charge work in the Market transactions?
  • Commission fees are charged when exhibiting to the Market, and additional fee will be charged after successful transaction.

    *Commission fee will be paid at the point of exhibition and will not be returned by canceling exhibition. Please be careful when exhibiting to Market.
  • ▼Creating guild
  • I want to create my own guild.
  • To create a guild, talk to NPC "Guild Manager Martino" in "Galeria Capital".
    Tap "Guild management" in the conversation option, and name your guild from "Input guild name". You will also need certain amount of Rugia to create a guild.
  • ▼About guild name
  • Can I change my guild name?
  • You cannot change the created guild's name.
    To rename your guild, you will need to create a new guild.
  • ▼Withdraw from guild
  • How can I withdraw from my guild?
  • From "MENU", tap "Community", and tap your character's name in the guild member list on the "Guild" tab.
    Tap "Leave" on the bottom of the screen then "OK" to withdraw from the joined build.

    *Guild will be automatically dismissed when the guild master withdraws from the guild.
  • ▼About Friend Point (FP) and Friend Bonus
  • What is the difference between Friend Point (FP) and Friend Bonus?
  • "Friend Point" (FP)
    "FP" is point which you can exchange with items at "FP Shop".

    - How to obtain FP
    [When you form a party]
    (Friends within the party) x5 + (non-friend characters) x2
    FPs are obtained. Earned FP is displayed by system message in chat log.

    [When using Partner]
    5 FP when your partner is a friend, 2 FP when your partner is not a friend is obtained. Earned FP is displayed by system message in chat log.

    [When your character was used as Partner]
    5 FP when your friend use your character as Partner, and 2 FP when non-friend use your character as Partner is obtained. Earned FP is displayed on top of Friend Request dialog when you login.

    "Friend Bonus"
    "Friend Bonus" is bonus added to Mission Rank evaluation, making it easier to achieve higher ranks.

    -Requirement for Friend Bonus
    Friend Bonus is only applied when you clear a mission with your friend.
    (Friend within the party) x10 bonus will be added. Added Friend Bonus will be shown in the form of "+(number)" on the mission clear reward screen.
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