Freedom to combats! Full-scale action adventure RPG.

Start of Coin Purchase Offer!

If you purchase Coins, you will get additional bonus Coins!
Period:7/6/2024 3:00 to 7/8/2024 2:59 (GMT)

110 Coins Purchased:+110 Coins (Total 220 Coins)
610 Coins Purchased:+610 Coins (Total 1220 Coins)
2000 Coins Purchased:+2000 Coins (Total 4000 Coins)
3500 Coins Purchased:+3500 Coins (Total 7000 Coins)
7200 Coins Purchased:+7200 Coins (Total 14400 Coins)
15300 Coins Purchased:+15300 Coins (Total 30600 Coins)

Big chance to get tons of coins!
Try out the Coins in this opportunity!

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