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Levaria, the land protected by the spirits.

Countries have fought using swords and magic
for hundreds of years for order.

Few years ago the appearances of the Dark Forces lead the world to further chaos.
Great power was destroyed in one night with many towns invaded.
Not only monsters getting wild but
the awakening of the ancient beasts is just there using the dark powers, also the sign of death.

Alliances were a necessity
to fight the dark forces.
But still remains the grudges of the past
wars, that hinder for alliance.

Galleria Kingdom vowed the "Blood Oath"
calling others to gather.
An ancient magic that cannot be broken
even with the end of the world.

To save this crisis, an organization
not belonging to any country,
the Sword of Aurcus was created.

Members are starting to gather up.
And you are also one of them…


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