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Update Info! Chaos Accessories

Thank you for playing Aurcus Online.
We have implemented a major update on August 2, 2018.

Update Info!
Chaos Accessories
Tertiary Job
Magias Institution -Salvation-!
Lv Cap released to 105!

The main contents for the update are the following.
・Lv Cap Release
・Addition of Main Quest & Fields
・Implementation of the Chaos Accessories
・Implementation of the Status Lv
・Display of the NPC role icons
・The amount of EXP increased for some of the Lv
・Other Update Content

■Lv Cap Release
You will now be able to raise your character to Lv105.
Skill levels can be increased for some skills.
You will now be able to progress even further through the Main Quest.
Several Sub Quests have also been added.

■Addition of the Main Quest & Fields
In accordance with the progress of the Main Quest, 2 new kind of fields have been added.

・Kairos Observatory

・Oneiro Exzo
※Field Missions will also be added.

■Implementation of the Chaos Accessories
Specialized accessories series "Chaos" will be implemented, where the ability of one status will be significantly increased.
The Chaos series include "Necklace", "Ring", and "Earrings".
There are also 3 ranks that exists for each which consists of "High Chaos", "Chaos", and "Low Chaos".
The 4 abilities are "ATK", "MATK", "DEF", and "MDEF".

By raising the rank (★), the effects acquired will increase.
By getting to High Chaos ★7, +20% effect will be obtained for each part. Equipping the accessories for the same abilities of all 5 parts, total of +100% effect can be obtained! ※Chaos series equipment cannot be exchanged.

[★2 Box of High Chaos]
- High Chaos of Power (★7 ATK+20%)
- High Chaos of Magic Power (★7 MATK+20%)
- High Chaos of Protection (★7 DEF+20%)
- High Chaos of Magic Protection (★7 MDEF+20%)

[★2 Box of Chaos]
- Chaos of Power (★7 ATK+10%)
- Chaos of Magic Power (★7 MATK+10%)
- Chaos of Protection (★7 DEF+10%)
- Chaos of Magic Protection (★7 MDEF+10%)

[★2 Box of Low Chaos]
- Low Chaos of Power (★7 ATK+6%)
- Low Chaos of Magic Power (★7 MATK+6%)
- Low Chaos of Protection (★7 DEF+6%)
- Low Chaos of Magic Protection (★7 MDEF+6%)

・How to Obtain
1. Collect the necessary amount of "Dark Energy" that you may get from defeating monster in-game
2. Purchase the desired rank "Dark Matter" from the NPC "Dark Artisan Chaos" in the Galleria Capital (You can only purchase once a day per account)
3. Exchange the desired rank "Chaos Box" from the NPC "Dark Artisan Chaos"
※Each type of "Dark Master" and the "Chaos Box" cannot be traded. "Dark Energy" can be traded.

From each "Chaos Box", with 4 abilities (Power, Magic Power, Protection, Magic Protection) and 3 parts (Necklace, Ring, Earrings), one accessory will be acquired from the 12 total combinations.

・Available Period
Each type of High Chaos, High Chaos Box, and Dark Matter obtainable this time will not be available after the Lv107 Cap Release. At that time, a new High Chaos will be introduced.

■Implementation of the Status Lv
Lv will be implemented to statuses. The max value of the status will be increased according to the status Lv. The max value of the status at each Lv will not change from before the update.

Status Lv will not be lower than the character Lv, however it could be higher. Once the character has reached the Lv Cap, fixed amount of EXP can be obtained to raise the status Lv. If the status max value has increased, Stat Ball can be obtained until reaching the cap.

It's a beneficial system where you can increase the status max value as well as being able to acquire EXP even if the character has reached the character Lv Cap.

■Display of the NPC role icons

The roles of the NPC are now displayed as icons next to the NPC name, and the same icon are displayed on the map as well.

■The amount of EXP increased for some of the Lv
The amount of EXP increased for the following.

・Normal Field
"Narrow Deviation 1" to "Cradle of Downfall"
※Field Missions are not applied.

"Serpent Cave" to "Mitera Alter"

・Hexerei Tower Key -Darkness Alter-
Amount of EXP gained when entering from Character Lv65-Lv84

■Other Update Content
- Changed the positions of some NPC.
- Moved the NPC "Artisan Laetitia" from the Galleria Capital to the Elicia District.
- Changed the NPC "Apprentice Merchant Renata" in the Galleria Capital Market to NPC "Merchant Borso".
- Changed the NPC "Merchant Apprentice Frances" in the Elicia District Market to NPC "Merchant Edmund".

Update Info!
Chaos Accessories
Tertiary Job
Magias Institution -Salvation-!
Lv Cap released to 105!

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