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Update Info! Tertiary Job

Thank you for playing Aurcus Online.
We have implemented a major update on August 2, 2018.

Update Info!
Chaos Accessories
Tertiary Job
Magias Institution -Salvation-!
Lv Cap released to 105!

With this update, tertiary jobs will be added!
"Tertiary Job" will be a more advanced job than the secondary job.
We will introduce the different types, characteristics, and how to change jobs.

■ Types of Tertiary Job

・Holy Knight (Secondary Job name: Paladin)
Holy Knight is a pure knight who received strong protection of the light spirit.
Proficient in protecting allies, they alleviating pain and gathering enemy attacks towards oneself.

・High Priest (Secondary Job name: Priest)
High Priest is a priest who was skilled at healing people with magic more than most people.
They are able to proceed by fighting advantageously by borrow the power of the light spirit to weaken the tribe of darkness.

・Vanguard (Secondary Job name: Berserker)
Vanguard is a brave warrior that always leads the fight.
To break the opponent's strong defense, they specialize in battle by attacking with heavy blows.

・Braver (Secondary Job name: Warrior)
Braver is a courageous warrior to protect people.
Savvy in handling sword and mana, they specialize in an original skill that combines the two.

・Sorcerer (Secondary Job name: Wizard)
Sorcerer is a magician who excels in high powered, widespread magic.
As a result of pursuing power and magic, casting took longer and caution was necessary so enemies would not approach.

・Sage (Secondary Job name: Archmage)
Sage is a magician who mastered both light and dark magic.
They specialize in emphasizing the handling of the light and dark magic, and acquire many magic that exerts the effects in a specific range.

・Sniper (Secondary Job name: Archer)
Sniper is a specialized archer who attacks from long distance.
Although the fire power improved to shoot enemies even further, the gap has also increased, so approaching enemies require more caution than ever.

・Agent (Secondary Job name: Trickster)
Agent is an archer who specialize in maneuvering and scouting.
They specialize in acrobatic movements that fool enemies and take away opponent’s freedom.

■ How to change to the Tertiary Jobs
You will be able to change jobs by meeting the conditions to change jobs and by completing a job change quest.

Character with a secondary job, being Lv100 or above.
Have progressed through the Main Quest "Guidance of the White Book 1".

・Job Change Quest
Having met the prerequisite above, accept and complete the quest "White Witch's Blessings" from NPC "Librarian Croto" of Politeau-Terrous.
After that, by accepting the job change quest "To the Unknown Force", you will be able to change jobs. ※Primary Jobs, EX Jobs cannot accept the Job Change Quests.
Skills will be reset if you change to a Tertiary Job.

■ Tertiary Job Skills
By changing to a tertiary job, you will be able to learn 1 attack skill, 1 support skill, and 6 types of mastery.

▼ Attack Skills for All Jobs (Active Skills)
By pushing the action button at a specific timing, the skill effects will increase for the attack skills added this time.
- Great: Increase Skill Effect by 10%
- Just: Increase Skill Effect by 30%

・Fury Impulse (Acquired Job: Holy Knight)
After swinging the weapon sideways and by vigorously slamming the weapon, it grants a buff that prevents damage to yourself and allies

・Divine Curses (Acquired Job: High Priest)
Drop a cross forward
Decrease the Magic Defense of enemies within the effect range and recover allies HP

・Collapse Break (Acquired Job: Vanguard)
Gather power and slam down the weapon after rotating forward

・Mana Drive (Acquired Job: Braver)
Send three consecutive shots of Mana forward

・Volcanic Blit (Acquired Job: Sorcerer)
Move forward by producing rolling lava bullets

・Celestial Orbit (Acquired Job: Sage)
Summon multiple magic bullets that fire a beam

・Dragon Slayer (Acquired Job: Sniper)
Take out a large arrow and shoot a powerful shot

・Aerial Shot (Acquired Job: Agent)
Jump in the air and fire triple shots directly below

▼ Job Classification Skills (Active Skills)
Skills that increase a specific status temporarily.

・Clergy's Blessings (Acquired Job: Holy Knight, High Priest)
Increase VIT of yourself and allies around you

・Soldier's Roar (Acquired Job: Vanguard, Braver)
Increase STR of yourself and allies around you

・Sorcerer's Wisdom (Acquired Job: Sorcerer, Sage)
Increase INT of yourself and allies around you

・Sniper's Insight (Acquired Job: Sniper, Agent)
Increase DEX of yourself and allies around you

▼ Common Skills for All Tertiary Jobs (Passive Skill)
Skill effects that can be obtained permanently.
The acquired job are for all tertiary jobs.

・STR Mastery: Increase STR
・INT Mastery: Increase INT
・DEX Mastery: Increase DEX
・VIT Mastery: Increase VIT
・MEN Mastery: Increase MEN
・VIT Mastery: Increase VIT
・Mirage Mastery:Support equipment slots can be added

■ [Mirage Mastery] Exclusively for Tertiary Jobs

[Mirage Mastery] can be acquired by changing to a tertiary job.
By increasing the skill level for the [Mirage Mastery], support equipment slots can be released one by one.
Separate from a normal equipment slot, support equipment slot is a slot that can be equipped with an equipment that can be attached for each jobs.
Equipment that is equipped in the support equipment slot will be called support equipment.
For the support equipment, 10% of the equipment ability effect will be exerted.
※10% of the effect for the Base Parameter, Lock Parameter, Random Parameter, Set Effects, Abilities, etc. will be added.

By raising the skill level 1, the support equipment that can be equipped will increase by 1. The maximum skill level is 10. The following can be equipped starting from skill level 1.
▼ Mirage Mastery
Skill Lv Support Equipment Slot Added
Lv1:Main Weapon
Lv2:Sub Weapon
Lv7:Earrings 1
Lv8:Earrings 2
Lv9:Ring 1
Lv10:Ring 2

■ Release of the 4th Skill Slot Exclusively for the Tertiary Jobs
By changing to a tertiary job, a 4th skill slot will be released.

Update Info!
Chaos Accessories
Tertiary Job
Magias Institution -Salvation-!
Lv Cap released to 105!

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